Why it's important to maintain your club website

Maintaining your club website is a task that over time can get easier and require only a couple of hours a week. With this investment though, you can ensure your club website has a lasting first impression for guests and creates more opportunities for the club to increase its revenue.

Be honest. When was the last time your club published to its website? A day? A week? A month?

If it's any longer than a week, then you're not taking advantages of your clubs best and most important digital asset. The club website.

First impressions count!

Clubs are always continuing to improve their clubhouse facilities to make an excellent first impression to visitors and guests. A lasting good first impression is good for the club as it means that guests will take away a positive experience from the club and tell others. Now though, the club’s website is the place where first impressions count.

A refurbished new lounge means nothing if it can’t be showcased within an attractive club website.

The new course layout means nothing if it can’t be viewed by guests on your site before they’ve even visited your club.

The new bar menu with it’s an emphasis on quality local produce has little value unless you can advertise it on the club website.

The club website isn’t only for members of the club though. Visiting parties and other groups looking to take advantage of the club’s facilities will use the site to find all the relevant information they need.

The club website is a guest's first impression of the club. It’s the first chance your club has of making a lasting impression on guests. By maintaining your website and keeping it up to date, you're making the club more appealing and relevant.

Attract more than golfers

With a well-maintained website, you can attract a wider range of guests to the club. The clubhouse may be an excellent venue for a wedding, christening or even a company retreat. These opportunities for the club shouldn’t be overlooked as they can help the club through challenging times.

How do I do this then?

Start with a commitment to spend at least a couple of hours a week updating the website. Update older images of the club with new ones. You can even rope in the help of some members to provide new pictures for the club.

Commit to updating the club website at least once a week with news on changes to the club. This can include competition news, course updates, coaching opportunities for kids and even special offers on dining at the club.

The club website is a crucial marketing tool in this digital age and by spending time on maintaining the website, you're creating a great first impression of the club that guests will spread to others.