Three ideas for posts that you can re-use every year

Many clubs just don't publish any updates to their websites and instead rely on word of mouth to promote their club. Times are changing though, and clubs need to work to a marketing plan that helps improve the club.

One part of this plan might be to update the club website on a more frequent basis. How can you do this though? What information should we share on the club website?

While there are many ways of promoting the club through more frequent types of updates to the website, there is a collection of posts that you can regularly publish that can form the basis of a regular update schedule for your website.

Here are a few ideas for updates that you can publish on your club website each year.

Captain profiles

This might seem like an idea for only a single change, but clubs usually have more than one captain. Let's say your club has four sections. These aren't the same sections for every club, but they outline the idea.

You might have junior, ladies, gents and senior sections. Each section has its own captain and vice-captain. By writing a profile for each captain and vice-captain, you could end up with eight updates for your website that you can publish for a couple of months before the season starts.

Each profile can contain a brief history of its subject, as well as their favourite golfing moment at the club and what each captain and vice-captain hopes to do for the club in the coming year.

Alternatively, you can also do a question and answer style post with each captain and vice-captain. Put the same questions to each captain and vice-captain and use this when updating the website.

A picture alongside each captain and vice-captain wouldn't hurt either.

Club changes

Use your club website to promote changes in the club that will provide better facilities and experience.

Write a post about renovations to the clubhouse and how these renovations will help both members and guests. A renovated dining area is not only of interest to the club's members but also guests to the club looking for somewhere different to dine.

You can also showcase changes to the club's course to attract visiting players to the club. Changes to the course can be shown with a few well-taken photographs of the course at it's best.

Membership offers and availability

The most successful clubs have a full membership. When spaces become available at your club, you might merely advertise it on social media with a phone number or email address for people contact. It is not giving them the hard sell, but it's also not giving them all the information they need. Instead, why not use the club website to promote membership offers?

There are two times of the year where you can do this. A couple of months before the club starts to get busy is a good time to publish membership offers. It allows prospective members to get a feel for the club and see it get busier as the upcoming season begins.

The second time is at the end of the season. Even though the club might be winding down for a few months, there are still opportunities to be had from promoting membership offers that tie-in with the off-season. If a few membership places are available, consider an end of season discount to fill those last remaining places.

Your post should highlight the benefits of joining the club, the membership offer that's available and details to contact someone at the club or a link to a page where details can be submitted to the club.

Be sure to share these posts on social media as well to increase the visibility of the offers. Remember to include a link to this membership page in your social media posts.

Update and repeat

These updates might only be published a few times a year, but these updates can form the beginning of a content plan for the club website that ensures that you have positive changes at the club to share. These updates can be shared on social media and can help promote the club online.